APP WHMCS allows your customers to manage their WHMCS panel from their mobile phone in a fast and intuitive way



APP WHMCS allows users to manage their user accounts, hosting, domains, invoices and support tickets

User account

Manage user data, sub-accounts and passwords

Support tickets

Open and reply support tickets, receiving real-time notifications


View and download invoices

Hosting and domains

Visualize and manage hosting accounts and domains


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APP WHMCS provides most of the features of the WHMCS Desktop Panel

View and edit user data, manage products and services (hosting and domains), visualize and download invoices or stay in contact with administrators.

Annual license $149 $99*. Offer valid until September 1st!

*Optional customization (LOGO and COLORS) $0 | Install and upload to Google Play and Apple Store: $99



Choose the service that best suit your requirements

Monthly $14,99


*Offer valid until September 1st!

Quarterly $44,95


*Offer valid until September 1st!

Half-yearly $82,95


*Offer valid until September 1st!

Annual $149


*Offer valid until September 1st!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Server installation will take place after payment is received. Afterwards, we will upload the APP to Google Play Store (Android) and APP Store (iOS). The APP will be available for Android in the next 48-72 hours, while for Apple may be delayed 15 days.
Yo have to send us the username and password for accesing the web server where you want to host the API, and a test user of your WHMCS. In addition, it would be advisable to include your company logo, to allow customers to identify your service.
1 - Install API on the server, create databases and set up relevant files.
2 - Create and configure applications for Android and IOS.
3 - Submit application for review to Google Play store and Apple store.
4 - Upon acceptance, APP will be available for download.
APP WHMS provide most of the features of the WHMCS Desktop Panel: visualize and manage user data, download invoices, open and response support tickets, receive real-time notifications when a message arrives and visualize and manage hosting accounts and domains.
If you already have a developer account in Google and Apple, we will upload the APP to your own account. Thus, the APP will be in your name. Otherwise, we will upload the APP to our company account.
Upon request, we can customize the visual appearance of the application to fit your company's corporate image. This will have an additional cost of $49 over the price of the app.


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